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About us

The SOCIAL-PSYCHIATRIC CENTER - FÉNIX, o.p.s. is a registered healthcare and social institution based in Kyjov. It helps develop and strengthen the skills and abilities of adults with mental illness to live in an environment of their choice, as satisfied and independent as possible. The institution was established in 2012 after a carefully performed analysis within the framework of the regional planning of social services for the broad region of Kyjov, Hodonín, Veselsko, on the basis of a medium-term plan for the development of social services. The experience of the integrated psychiatric clinic of Kyjov Hospital and the expertise of professionals who have many years of experience in helping the mentally ill, was utilized during the creation of the project. Fénix ensures the coordination of preventive medical care through crisis intervention, rehabilitation and social integration, in collaboration with existing entities providing care to the target group (e.g., psychiatrists, psychologists, general practitioners, social services and others.)

At Fenix there is close cooperation under unified management in services such as healthcare as well as social and support, ensuring the continuity of care of the target group in the region, which is currently lacking. This ensures the quality and efficiency of care, as well as improving the quality of life and the possibilities of social integration of the disabled. However, the implementation of the Fénix project is and will be a certain measure of social support for steps toward the integration of the disabled as well, leading from their present isolation to an adequate social involvement and responsible independence.

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